Follies, Were the originals better?
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2017-02-06 04:24:25 UTC
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If all the people who claim to have seen the original, had actually seen the
...it would still be running.
In general terms, you're probably right. But there aren't that many people
RATM who have made the claim -- and I believe the ones who have.
I think I can top that: Did anyone on RATM, besides myself, see Mack & Mabel in 1974, and live to tell about it?
2017-02-06 04:39:19 UTC
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I think it's his best, with Sweeney running a close second.
Sweeney is hard to classify though. It might be inferior to something else as a "musical" but it's also an important repeatable example as a thriller, a sort of dramatic opera and politically-charged Zeitoper. I vote Sweeney somewhat better than Follies, but it would be tragic not to have had the Follies songs and original book available.