Bigoted Organizer Of Job Fair For Gay MBA Students Seeks To Ban Straight People
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2014-08-02 22:04:12 UTC
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: >The organizer of a yearly conference for gay, lesbian, bisexual
: >and transgender students pursuing MBAs is in a huff because
: >entirely too many straight students are attending the event,
: >which includes a recruitment fair.
: >
: >Matt Kidd, executive director of Reaching Out MBA, has also
: >charged that a few attendees made comments that he says some gay
: >people did not appreciate, reports Campus Reform.
: And you posted this off-topic article here because?
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John W Kennedy
2014-08-05 01:08:32 UTC
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Post by David1950
: And you posted this off-topic article here because?
<sigh/> Maybe for the same reason that /you/ just reposted it.
John W Kennedy
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